The BLB has been working ever so hard for many years to bring to you viewers a new approach to “Squatching”. Season 1 will be starting from the very beginning of the BLB.. maybe even before we became the BLB. You’ll get to know us more, and better understand just how much we love to get out there and find the truth!! We will be posting a new episode every week on Sunday at 6:30 on our Youtube Channel. Tune in folks… you don’t want to miss this!!

S1-E1 The Beginning
S1-E2 The BLB
S1-E3 Day Squatch
S1-E4 Deer Creek
S1-E5 The Skeptic
S1-E6 The Woodsman
S1-E7 Deer Creek II
S1-E8 Eyewitness
S1-E9 The Snyder Evidence